Contemporary Bulgarian Music

Contemporary Bulgarian music is similar to modern music all over the world. There are two main tendencies.

The first one – it is just like all the world music – there is Bulgarian pop, rock, hip hop, R' N' B', etc. Some of the most popular stars is the duo “The Romanian and Enchev”, the groups “D2”, “BTR”, “Te”, “Upsurd”, the singers Doni, Neti, Maria Ilieva, Rushi Videnliev, Grafa, Beloslava, Svetla Ivanova, Nina Nikolina, Mariana Popova, Liubo (a former "Te" member), Miro (ex "Karizma" duo member), Ustata ("The Mouth") and many others. Bulgarian singers prefer to sing in Bulgarian, but sometimes they make good hits in Italian or English. Bulgarian pop and rock music doesn't have great success abroad. It is considered to be a very big thing if the MTV channel plays any of the BG video clips in the week world chart express. Usually when the Bg stars are asked why this happens, they answer that this is because of the lack of money, the small support from the country and the big lobbies of other countries in the region like Greece and Romania. They will never say their songs don't sound modern or sth. like that. But, still - there are a lot of good songs and artists who gve thier best despite the hard times for this genres.


"Rumanetsa i Enchev"



 "Te" ("They")


Maria Ilieva

Nina Nikolina





Rushi Videnliev



Mariana Popova Liubo   Ustata
Another direction of the Bulgarian music is the oriental one – the so called “chalga” – this is a mixture of Turkish oriental dances and melodies – songs, sometimes copied or changed popular Greek or Turkish songs. This is a very popular genre in Bulgaria – largely accepted from the people who crowd together to watch the concerts of the so called “pop-folk” stars. Typical examples are the singers Gloria, Sofi Marinova, Ivana, Kamelia, Anelia, Preslava, DesiSlava, Emilia and the-pretending-to-be-homosexual singer Azis (who already hosts an everyday TV show). Usually, the singers sing for the brutally destroyed love, they are are longing for their former love mate, beg him to forgive them, or - on the opposite - tell him they will never forgive him for the unfaithfulness. The female singers in this genre usually don't bother to wear a lot of clothes - and maybe this is one of the main reasons for their enormous popularity among the young people, especially men :). The most wanted "Playboy" and "FHM" magazines are those offering the pictures of the pop folk stars, especially the above mentioned Kamelia, DesiSlava, as well as Emilia and Alisia (who, by the way, is a girl-friend of the mentioned in the sport section, Bulgarian football player Valeri Bojinov). The most recent pop-folk stars are Galena and Andrea. The last one dates the Bulgarian most famous boxing champion Kubrat Pulev.
Another interesting "hero" is the singer with the absurd song-texts - Milko Kalaijiev, among his songs shine the titles: "O, chicks, come to your big brother!" and "Crazy cow". Another pop folk male singer (which is very rare in thes genre) is Konstantin, who won the 2006 VIP Brother (reality show for celebrities).









Milko Kalaijiev 

Sofi Marinova Galena Andrea