Aitos (Aytos)

District: Burgas
ZIP code: 8500
Telephone code: +359 (0) 558
Population: 21 000
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The town of Aitos is situated in the valley of the Aitos river, in the Aitos field, in the southern foot of the Eastern Balkan mountain. It is located about 350 km east of Sofia and 30 km north-west of Burgas.
Aitos is an old settlement founded by the Thracian tribes. Northwest of the town there are the remains of three towers belonging to the medieval fortress called Aetos (in Greek – “eagle”) built between 650 and 750 A.D. And that is where its present day name comes from. The town became a part of the Bulgarian kingdom by the time of Han Tervel. Many years later, in about 1206, it was ruined by the coming Crusaders and rebuilt again in the beginning of 15th century. Later it was known as Chengis, Orlovo, Orlovets.
Aitos was, and still is an agricultural center – after the Liberation there used to be a 4-day long agricultural fair, held every year. By that time the town was larger even then Burgas – which is the current district center.
Interesting places to visit are:
·         The House museum of Chengelievi
·         The Aitos Mineral Baths
·         The Three Brothers – a rock formation outside the town
·         The remains of the medieval fortress Aetos



Bulgarian Sport
The most popular sport in Bulgaria is football. Almost every school has a football playground. Bulgaria's greatest success on this football field is the fourth place in the 1994  World Football Championship held in the USA  with the participation of the well known players Hristo Stoichkov, Trifon Ivanov, Yordan Lechkov, Krassimir Balakov, etc.

Hristo Stoichkov
Trifon Ivanov
Yordan Lechkov
Krassimir Balakov

The best Bulgarian football players for all times are Georgi Asparuhov (who died in a car-accident in 1971 and Hristo Stoichkov, who played for the Spanish team Barcelona and have won the Golden Ball of “France Football” in 1994.
There are a large number of other good players who have left their track in the history of Bulgarian football. Not quite many of them did have the opportunity to try their luck abroad. There were severe government restrictions, forbidding Bulgarian players to play in foreign teams - espeacially in the west countries. Bad luck - it was the time of the so called "Cold war"... Thus names of  players with extra qualities like Hristo Bonev, Nikola Kotkov, Dinko Dermenjiev, Pavel Panov, Petar Jekov and many many others, remained unfamiliar to the common western football fan.

Georgi Asparuhov
Hristo Bonev
Petar Jekov
Dinko Dermenjiev
Atanas Mihailov

Nowadays football stars are:
 - Dimitar BERBATOV – named “the killer with the angel  face” because of his goal-scoring achievements everywhere he has played – CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria), Bayer Leverkusen (Germany), national team – leading scorer with the best ever coefficient – played matches/scored goals. In the summer of 2006 made his transfer to one of the best English clubs – Tottenham Hotspur. He made and is still amking his spectacular debut season for Tottenham and is by now regarded as one of the best players of the club. His fans from Bulgaria made this web page dedicated to him - click here.

 - Stilian PETROV – described by his former coach in Celtic Glasgow Martin O’Neal as one of the best midfielders in the world. He has joined the greens of Glasgow when he was only 18 years old and has played there ever since (about 8 years). His former coach (O’Neal) took over English Aston Villa in the summer of 2006 and his first new signing was Stilian. He was the captain of the Bulgarian national team, taking the rule after Krasimir Balakov retirement. In the end of 2006 he decided to give up the national team because of quarrels with coach Stoichkov, but returned after a long talk with him "face to face".

Dimitar Berbatov
Stilian Petrov
Martin Petrov
Valeri Bojinov

-  Martin PETROV – (he is not a relative of Stilian:) – “The son of the wind” – owes this nickname to his enormous velocity – one of the fastest football players in the world. Very often has been compared to Hristo Stoichkov – because of the velocity, role on the field – left winger, and his relationship with the referees – often been sent off or booked for bad behavior and quarrels. Nevertheless he is still one of leading players with great experience, having played for CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria), Servet (Switzerland), Wolsburg (Germany) and currently in Atletico Madrid (Spain). The player suffered a severe injure in october 2007 but still keeps good memories of the year as a whole - he was chosen a football player of the year from the journalists in Bulgaria.

 - Valeri BOJINOV, born 1986, who made a spectacular surprise in the Italian Seria A ever since his first appearance, when he was only 16 years old. He played for the Italian teams Lecce, Fiorentina and is currently playing his football for the most famous Italian team – JUVENTUS. Bojinov is currently dating one of the most popular Bulgarian popfolk singers Alisia, they have often been compared with David Beckham and Victoria. Time will show if the comparison is right. Martin Petrov and Valeri joined this year in the Manchester City Football club, where Martin is among hte most valuable players, while Valeri suffered a terrible injury in August and is still expected to return in the full squad in the beginning of 2008.  


The most famous football teams in the country are Levski Sofia and CSKA Sofia.  Among the other good teams are Litex (Lovech), Slavia (Sofia), Locomotive (Sofia) and Locomotive (Plovdiv).


Locomotive Sofia
Locomotive Plovdiv



Bulgaria has remarkable athletes such as the charming Ivet Lalova (the fastest white woman in the last Olympic games) and Stefka Kostadinova (the high jump world record-holder).

Ivet Lalova
Ivet "Ahead" :)
Stefka Kostadinova

Bulgaria has great achievements in the weight lifting, wrestling and boxing. The former CHESS world champion and leader in the world rankings is Bulgarian as well – Vesselin Topalov. Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviiski is one of the most famous and loved all over the world figure skating couples.




One of Bulgaria’s most high rated sports is art gymnastics. The list of World and European titles is very long. After the break up of the former Soviet Union Bulgaria doesn’t have large tournament success in this sport, because of the large number of athletes from the former Soviet Union, and mainly because of the favorable attitude of the referees toward them.   The most recent current success of Bulgaria are in the ensemble competitions. And the best Bulgarian player in this sport is Simona Peicheva.

The most successful team sport for Bulgarians is volleyball. It is played in every Bulgarian school and is being developed by school tournaments etc, the national team occupied the third place in the last World Cup.